• Free “Meet N Greet” prior to hiring
  • Provide fresh food and water for indoor and/or outside cats
  • Feed and water feral and barn cats
  • Clean and dispose of dirty litter
  • Provide necessary medications
  • Provide emergency vet care
  • Provide routine vet visits for check-ups and vaccinations
  • Bring in your mail and any delivered packages
  • Send you a daily text message of your babies with current picture
  • Water your house plants
  • Check for and clean any pet messes
  • Play time with lots of love and attention to be sure all is well
  • Notify you immediately of any concern with your cats, house or property


  • No limit of number of cats in our care
  • Thirty-minute care visit: $30
  • Each additional thirty-minute care visit: $25 (including routine vet visits on your behalf)
  • Emergency vet care up to 25 miles: $60
  • Emergency vet care up to 50 miles: $80