Why we started

My very first cat was rough and tough Elmo. To say he was a challenge was an understatement. I rescued him as a kitten from a terrible abuse situation. He would attack dogs, people and other cats, simply out of fear. I learned many things from Elmo, including how to show love and compassion regardless of his personality. His vet once told me it takes quite a special person to care for such an abused animal. A few years later, I rescued three tiny kittens that were left to die in the garage of a rental property. These three darling little babies joined Elmo increasing our cat family to four. Elmo eventually accepted all three of the kittens. Elmo lived to be 15 and the three kittens, EJ, Sassy, and Peppy all lived to be approximately 18 years old. We now have five wonderful cats with a wide range of personalities who bring us great joy. I have over 20 years of cat care experience for which I have learned minor to major medical care, different behaviors, providing a safe, secure, clean, healthy, and loving environment.

All of us promise to provide the same love and compassion for your cat babies as we do our own.