Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

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Last year we made the difficult decision to say good bye to our dear sweet 17 year old cat named Scraps. He was my buddy and I was his person. My boys grew up with Scraps so it was equally as hard on them as it was me. He loved taking long walks with me, just like a dog would, to the far back of our 5 acre farm and would hang out in the yard or pole barn with me. Scraps was always so accepting of every cat, kitten or dog we adopted. He simply loved life and everything in it.

Gone are the days of just leaving our pets for the vet “to put down” because numerous studies have shown that our babies need us with them all the way to the end.

On that sad day, I held Scraps with my loving arms the entire time as he crossed over the rainbow bridge. I’m so glad I did. It gave me a better sense of closure seeing him pass peacefully knowing he was now free of any pain or discomfort. My face was the last face he saw so I knew it was comforting for him as he drifted off to sleep. This also helped me avoid any regret of not being there for Scraps and it actually deepened my love and sense of integrity knowing I did the right thing. Scraps was loyal and loving through the good and all the way to the sad ending. He is now buried in back of our 5 acres by the pond where he so loved to explore.

Hold you cat close while he or she passes. They need you to know you are there for them like you always have been. This is indeed our last act of kindness and love. God Bless you for the strength to do the right thing for your dear sweet fur baby.

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